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Waterbeds FAQ.

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1.Who invented the waterbed? 2.What are the advantages of waterbeds?
3.Are there different types of mattress? 4.Can I alter the stability/motion of the mattress?
5.Can a Waterbed offer allergy relief? 6.Can I change the firmness of a mattress by adding/removing water?
7.Are waterbeds good for my back? 8.Don't I need a firm bed?
9.Are there medical benefits with a waterbed? 10.Will I wake my partner getting into bed?
11.Are waterbeds noisy? 12.Will I feel seasick on a waterbed?
13.Will waterbed enhance/ruin my sex life? 14.We are different weights will we both be comfortable on a waterbed?
15.Is it easy to get in and out of a waterbed? 16.Is it comfortable to sit up in a waterbed?
17.Do waterbeds burst? 18.What is the weight of a waterbed?
19.Will the bed leak? 20.Will it fall through the floor?
21.Will the waterbed sag? 22.How easy is it to puncture the bed?
23.How would I repair a puncture? 24.Will my pets damage the mattress?
25.How long do waterbeds last? 26.Can I put a waterbed in my existing bed frame?
27.What type of bedding fits a waterbed? 28.Are waterbeds available with drawer units?
29.What sizes of waterbeds are available? 30.How are waterbeds for back pain?
31.How do you install a waterbed? 32.Are they easy to move?
33.What type of water is used? 34.How often do you have to change the water?
35.What is conditioner? 36.Can I clean the mattress?
37.Will I perspire on a vinyl mattress? 38.How do the heaters work / are they safe?
39.What happens in a power cut? 40.What do they cost to run?
41.Will it help arthritis? 42.Do I unplug the heater in the summer?
43.What sort of people buy waterbeds? 44.What is included in the price of a waterbed?
45.What guarantee is offered? 46.Are waterbeds covered in my house insurance?
47.Will it help with bed sores? 48.Are there any disadvantages to a waterbed?
49.Do you sleep on a waterbed? 50.Why don't I know anyone with a waterbed?

Waterbed Info.

Waterbeds are comfortable, hygienic and durable. They are the best sleep system we know to help our bodies relax and to provide maximum body support. Wake up refreshed on a waterbed.

Akva Waterbeds

Quality waterbed systems with unique design - Each individually manufactured in their factory in Denmark. Waterbeds significantly ease the discomfort of backpain, arthritis and rheumatism.

British Waterbed Company

British Waterbed Company manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of waterbeds all made in Devon. Waterbeds are highly recommended for asthma and allergy suffers.